Student Chapter

Student Chapter

Memorandum of Association (MoA) of Student Chapter for Interested Institutions


To initiate and imbibe the feeling of belongingness into fraternity of engineering to which the students of engineering are destined. The Students Chapters may provide a learned  environment through workshop/clinic for the development of socio-­techno intellectual qualities of the members as well as for encouraging and channelizing their urge and surge for knowledge in a disciplined and guided system.

Student’s Chapter

  1. The DIPM Council, hereinafter referred to as Council, may establish Students’ Chapters in Engineering Colleges conducting courses recognized by the Centre/State Government with the concurrence of the managing authorities/Directors of the respective engineering colleges and notify the establishment to the Regional Chapter of the Council within the geographical boundaries of which such Chapter will be located.
  2.  All Students who are students of such an engineering college shall be eligible for attachment to such Chapter and the affairs of such Chapter shall be managed in accordance with the rules framed and approved by the Council from time to time under the guidance of the Advisor who shall be a member of the faculty nominated by the managing authorities/Director of the respective engineering colleges.


Students Chapter may be established at an engineering college for all the branches of      engineering, Inter- disciplinary, Science and Humanities which are recognised by the Council.

The minimum number of members in each of the Chapter shall be twenty. This strength of membership shall be obligatory for opening as also for continuing a Students Chapter.

The Chapter shall be designated as follows:

In case of Chapters established at engineering colleges, the name of the city/town where the college is located and the name of the college shall precede the words ‘Students Chapter’ and the name of the branch of engineering shall follow the same words in parenthesis, e.g, Howrah Bengal Engineering College Students’ DIPM(I) Chapter (Civil); Kanpur IIT Students’ DIPM(I)  Chapter (Mechanical) etc.

The students undergoing regular courses at the engineering colleges in a discipline recognised by the Council shall be attached to the respective Chapter established at the engineering colleges as per above Rule upon payment of requisite subscription.

Student Membership

             Student Member of the Student Chapter shall pay a one time membership fee ranging between Rs100-500/- as decided by the respective college.  The funds so collected will be managed by a Committee constituted as under :

  • Mentor –  A DIPM member preferably an alumni of the
  • Faculty Advisor(Branchwise)        – Director/Head of Deptt/Faculty
  • General Secretary -Students Member (Convener)
  • Treasurer                    – Student Member
  • Executive members – 2 Faculty members and 2 Student members

Funds Management

                       The Funds of Student Chapter shall be maintained in a separate account by the DIPM Council in the name of Students chapter of the Institute at the nearest bank of the Institute and shall be operated by the Mentor/Faculty Advisor and the Convener


The management of the affairs of the Student Chapter shall vest with the Committee of the Chapter which shall function under the general guidance and control of the respective Regional Chapter of the and shall at all times be subject to the control, supervision and

No Students Chapter shall extend its activities beyond the geographical boundaries of the State/Local Centres to which it is attached except in case of activities jointly organised by two or more Students Chapters with prior approval of the Council.

The activities of the Students Chapter shall be primarily technical and shall include:

  • Organising lectures by corporate members and others on the subject of engineering interest;
  • Organising paper presentations, meetings, discussions, seminars and technical film shows on selected subjects;
  • Organising visits to engineering projects, construction sites, factories, workshops, laboratories etc;
  • Organising competitions on technical subjects including annual paper writing, model building and quiz competitions;
  • Promotion of social contacts among the students;
  • Awards to the student members of Students Chapter of the Institute for distinguished achievement/contribution in the field of innovation/technology.
  • Any other activity conducive to the technical and intellectual advancement of the students.

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