Innovation Cell

Innovation Cell

Memorandum of Association (MoA) of Innovation Cell for Interested Institutions

Innovation  Cell  in  Engineering  Colleges

Innovation is conversion of idea leading to improvement in way of doing things depending on availability of resources with guidance from those who are more experienced around us.

Innovation Cell is thus envisaged to network people, ideas, experience and resources to galvanise the innovation community in the college.  This cell will not only help to nurture your ideas and encourage you to bring up business proposals but there is also a possibility that the institute may after rigorous evaluation of your idea, provide you with required facilities and perhaps facilitate you even in  getting  funds for your project.

Learning is a continuous process and there are always possibilities for improvement in the existing system around us.  Using the facilities of workshops, laboratories, library including digital library facility, internet and intranet facilities and research facilities available in the institute, innovative ideas could be translated into reality or existing systems could be improved upon.  Additionally, the Innovation Cell could facilitate in getting patenting for innovations and out of box projects with the help of the Institute.

The main aim of this Cell is, thus, to create intuition in terms of creative design ideas in various fields of engineering in an aesthetic approach.  Innovation  Cell will assist students and also encourage young talented minds by providing them a perfect platform for showcasing  their  talents, working together as teams and participate in various competitions.  It will also serve to provide the students a platform to excel in their specialised area of interest.


To provide the conducive environment to the students to attain technical excellence in the field of Engineering Technologies and to develop a comprehensive and integrated personality.


 To produce Engineering professionals adaptable to the changing environment, thus, becoming an entrepreneur with all round managerial capabilities and commitment to the Society.

Objective of the Cell

 To motivate students to bring out their hidden talents in various disciplines of Engineering, Science, Soft Skills, Cognitive learning etc.

  • To provide platform to realize and believe in themselves.
  • To empower students to become young entrepreneurs.
  • To create an innovative environment for the students to discover, develop, deploy and express their skills and talents.

Proposed Functioning of Cell


Executive Committee

The Innovation Cell will function under the guidance and control of a Committee consisting of alumni of the College, Director and Head of Department of various disciplines of the college and students as under :


(a) Convener He will be ex-officio member nominated by DIPM Council of India
(b) Chairman Preferably an alumni of the College selected through Alumni Association of the College
(c) Vice Chairman Director of the College
(d) General Secretary From amongst students of the College who are DIPM Council of India members
(f) Treasurer From amongst Alumni
(g) Expenditure Committee ·         4 Faculty Members

·         6 Members from Alumni Association

·         4 Students who are members of DIPM Council of India


Note : Cheques for expenditure will be signed by Chairman and General Secretary subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.

Funds of the Innovation Cell

 The funds for the Cell will be generated as under :


Donation from DIPM Council of India

Donations by Alumni

Donations from Companies

Sponsors of the Projects/Research

Management of Accounts of Innovation Cell

An account will be opened in the nearest bank of the concerned Institution.  Accounts will be authorised by the DIPM Council of India and operated by the Executive Committee as above.

Project Research Outcome

 Benefits will be shared by different Stakeholder in proportion of the seed money contributed by them. The ownership will be of the Innovation Cell of the College through DIPM.

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