Governing Council

Governing Council

The Founder office bearers and Members (Elect) elected by the general body shall constitute the Governing Council. All office Bearers, members ( Elect), Executive Members are Honorary positions without any remuneration except reimbursement of actual expenditure approved by the General Body.

Founder Office Bearers:

S. No Full Name Designation
00 Dr. Vijay Kumar Saraswat Member, Niti Ayog and Chief Patron
00 Prof. K. K. Aggarwal Mentor, DIPM Council (India) and Chancellor, K R Mangalam University
1 Shri Pradeep Agrawal, IDSE Founder President & CEO (Hony)
2 Shri A.K. Arora, IDSE Director General and Chairman
3 Shri Arul Dhas, IDSE Convening Chairman (Events) (Hony), Ex Officio President IDSE Association
4 Shri Girraj Goyal, IDSE Founder Secretary General(Hony)
5 Shri A.K. Jain, IDSE Founder Executive Vice President(Hony)
6 Shri Keshav Chandra Chairman(Tech Committee)
7 Lt Gen ( Retd) V K Saxena, PVSM,AVSM,VSM Chairman (Innovations and DIPM Journal)
8 Shri Kamal Taori (Retd IAS) Chairman (Implementation and Editor in Chief of DIPM Journal)
9 Mrs. Harmohini Srivastava Registrar General ( Hony)
10 Shri J. Bhattacharjee Founder Chief Advisor (Technical)
11 Shri S. R. Agrawal, IDSE Chairman (Finance & Membership) (Hony)
12 Smt Nazneen Banu Founder Chairperson Regional Chapters  (Hony)
13 Shri Ashish Rakheja Chairman(Committee on Sustainable Development)
14 Mrs Mala Mohan, ADG ( Architect) Chairman ( Committee on Innovation in Architecture) (Hony)
15 Shri Narendra Bhagatkar

Jt DG ( Contracts)

Chairman (Committee on Innovations in contracting and arbitration) (Hony)
16 Prof Dr Samar Agnihotri Chairman (Academics) (Hony)
17 Prof. Manoj Kulshrestha Executive Member(Hony)
18 Sri P Maniyar Member(Elect) Chairman Regional Chapter (West) (Hony)
19 A K Pathak Member(Elect) Chairman Regional Chapter (South) (Hony)
20 Shri Chetanya Dev Member (Elect), Chairman, Regional Chapter (Central) (Hony)
21 Shri Neeraj Mehrotra Member(Elect) Chairman Regional Chapter(East) (Hony)

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