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About Us


DIPM Council of India is a registered society , not for profit organisation  working in the field of Infrastructure technology innovations, development, Project Management , Contract Management, project delivery, skilling India in the field of Infrastructure in general and Defence Infrastructure in particular in the Govt Sector.

The cadre of IDSE officers involved in the defence Infrastructure planning and management shall be the key stake holders in the council in their personal capacity on honorary basis purely in academic interest besides members from academic institutions, infrastructure companies, Consultants, technical bodies, PSUs, autonomous bodies, private individuals, Govt. officers etc. on voluntary basis. There shall be membership on fee to join as Individual, as corporate, group of people etc. The council will hold periodic seminars, technical discussions as well as publish technical journal to keep pace with technology development and innovations. The council will generate fund through membership fee as well as voluntary contributions from donors, companies, sponsor of events etcMembership is open to all on nominal membership fee. DIPM Council shall consists of various sub committees on all aspects of infrastructure planning, innovation, sustainable development, project delivery etc with the aim of becoming a key technical advisory body on all aspects of Infrastructure technology, sustainable development to Govt of India in general and to Ministry of Defence in particular, consisting of professionals from academic institutions, corporate, officers of IDSE cadre, professionals in defence services etc.


The state of Infrastructure availability is a prominent and dominant factor in the journey of a nation to become a developed country. India is poised to become a developed country and the Govt effort is to develop Infrastructure in the country at desired pace in every segment of economy. The defence infrastructure is key to nation security as well as a participant in the growth of GDP and economy in the country.

The cost of Infrastructure development is very high and may become prohibitive, unless innovative and sustainable technologies are used in Infrastructure development, there are several adverse consequences of the development as has been learned over the years in developing as well as developed countries. The innovations in technology bring sustainability, economy as well as efficient use of scarce resources.

It is experienced that world over and as well as in India , there have been several initiatives by various organisations, individuals towards use of sustainable and innovations in technology, however there is need to bring all stakeholders together at one platform , use their expertise and implement at national level to bring in desired changes.

Hence there is need to form a technical body, in an advisory capacity, to bring all technocrats, professionals , manufacturers, consultants, Govt functionaries etc at one place and use their cumulative experience and capacity towards betterment of life and economy of the country. This body is envisaged to be advisory consultative body for informal advise to various organizations of Govt. of India in general and Ministry of Defence in particular, this advise is supposed to be free of conflict of interest, rendered by group of specialists, technocrats, administrators who are well versed with Govt as well as corporate functioning drawn from various walks of life like academician, professionals, Govt officers, professionals from Public sector, autonomous bodies etc.

This Body will give a platform to use cumulative experience of all experts towards nation building. This body supposed to give a platform to all like minded people who are willing to contribute in country’s growth and welfare of all. To fulfil these objectives DIPM Council of India will have several specialist committees on various subjects consisting of team of professionals and office bearers as honorary members to ensure wide participation, consultations within the committee and then form a consensus on issues to present it to organizations on voluntary basis who wants to use such expertise.

The main objective of the DIPM Council of India is to ensure safer technology in every area of human life related to defence of human beings from unsolicited/ unknown risks in the environment. This includes reducing risks to human life and enhanced safety from enemy action or faulty and unsustainable practices in infrastructure planning/ design and execution, safety of work force at places of work, safer road design, road and vehicular safety etc. To achieve these objectives DIPM Council, to take actions on suggested frame work as included in the Memorandum of the association, though not exhaustive and may include similar other activities as approved by the members of the society.

The executive plan of DIPM Council of India is to bring all stake holders at one platform in advisory role to the Govt of India especially Ministry of defence on all aspects of Defence infrastructure , except strategic needs of the country, with the aim of sustainability, innovations , economy and efficient Project delivery. DIPM council of India shall bring together all stakeholders, technologists, Govt officers on one platform to ensure economy, efficient Project delivery and use of most advanced technology in the field of Infrastructure in the country.

DIPM Council of India to become a key stake holder in the country in all aspects of Infrastructure development through group of specialists on voluntary basis , become a partner in Make In India and be an voluntary advisory body to Govt. of India.

“To ensure all round sustainable development and promote innovations in
Infrastructure Technology and Management”

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